Bazar Bizar - White Inner Cushion Round - Ø60

€ 7,95

This soft inner cushion is suitable for our beautiful cushion covers. They have a filling that stays in shape and provides good support. 




Dia (cm): 60

Color: White

Material(s): Polyester, Polypropylene

EAN: 7438245983902




Cotton is a natural fiber used to make soft and breathable textiles. It can be recycled and recovered, however it is sensitive to light and heat.

This cotton undergoes special treatments to come out extremely soft and durable.




Cotton needs to be washed in cold water and preferably washed by hand; this helps to keep the color. You can use a washing machine but make sure the temperature isn’t above 30°C.

Using hot water can cause the cotton to shrink.

It is best to air dry, on a flat surface and out of the sun if possible.