Bazar Bizar - The Hyacinth Cushion - 50x50

€ 109,95

This Hyacinth handwoven cushion adds a beautiful element of texture to your soft furnishings. An indispensable piece to add a boho vibe to your living room, bedroom, garden or covered terrace. Endless possibilities to create your own cosy style.


Inner Cushion included !




Length (cm): 50

Width (cm): 10

Height (cm): 50

Color: Natural

Material(s): Water Hyacinth

EAN: 7438246037086




Water Hyacinth is a green water plant that grows in tropical waterways in Vietnam. Once it is dried, it becomes a durable and sustainable material for weaving. It is quite similar to rattan, but water hyacinth is much softer which makes it easier to create different shapes and accessories. 




Water Hyacinth

You can clean your products with a wet cloth to remove dust and dirt. The important thing is to dry it well afterwards - if water hyacinth remains wet, mold can occur.

We recommend keeping your water hyacinth pieces indoors or covered outdoors because the sun can affect the color and structure of it.