Bazar Bizar - The Coconut Stripe I - Natural

€ 19,95

Every year, millions of coconut shells are discarded as waste. We give them a new life as a beautiful candle holder that you can enjoy every day. Each coconut candle holder is crafted by hand and beautifully designed by our team of skilled artisans in Bali. Decorate your home and inspire yourself and others to welcome the new. You are the light!




Length (cm): 13

Width (cm): 13

Height (cm): 11

Color: Natural

Material(s): Coconut

Size: Unique Piece

EAN: 7438246095000




Coconut is a very strong fiber. Most products are made from coconut fibers, and these come from the shell of the coconut. Other great benefits to coconut are that it is sound absorbing and heat insulating. 





It is important to note that coconut absorbs a lot of moisture and is a fire hazard. So don’t put your objects made from coconut on wet or stain-prone areas.

We recommend treating your products with a preventative stain treatment to protect the coconut fibers.